Vanilla Honey Spread

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Vanilla Honey Spread is a decadent blend of pure creamed clover honey with a vanilla extract. This delicious spread pairs perfectly with scones, shortbread, and other pastries. Enjoy this raw sweetness in your cup of tea!This 12oz Vanilla Honey Spread is a customer favorite!Made with only two, simple ingredients - pure Wisconsin clover honey and vanilla extract - it's a smooth and perfectly spreadable delight! Try it instead of jelly with your favorite nut butter, mix it into oatmeal, stir it into tea, or eat it with a spoon! There are unlimited possibilities to experience the deliciousness!These honey creams are dairy-free and made to harness honey's natural crystallization process to make it into a spreadable and creamy treat!Kosher Certified & Gluten Free Certified & Big 9 Allergen Free