MaJik Wave & Styling Butta (4.75oz)

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MaJik Wave & Styling Butta


Mango, Muru Muru, Shea Butters, Coconut Oil, Hemp, Virgin Olive, Grapeseed Oils; Frankincense, Coconut Oil, &  Patchouli EOs; Candililla Wax, LOVE.


NO Petroleum 

NO Caster Oil

NO Lanolin

NO Sulfates

NO Formaldehyde

This pomade was especially formulated to CONDITION the natural hair strand ensuring they revert back to its original curl pattern. You’ll notice soft subtle curls and texture to the touch! The process of this pomade works to enhance the molecular structure of the strand, it softens the strand and raises the cuticle to soak up moisture when added allowing the deepest curls and waves to set in. We’ve added a 2oz sample of the oil we made as a companion to This pomade. It’s a PERFECT ‘setting’ combo with our Aloe Vera enriched Hair Pudding. You won’t get the flaky thick waves like you do from other wave WAXES! B/C this is NOT a WAX. It’s BUTTERS infused with oils like hemp, olive, avocado, pomegranate, Tamanu & ONLY  3% candillia wax  added for firmness.~ it’s patented formula will FEED your strands vs. coating them like the leading wax based pomades on today’s market. 

It’s an excellent REPLACEMENT of hair GREASE! And can be used to massage the scalp and as a styler!