Chicago Fry Sauce

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About this productThe 7 toppings to a classic Chicago hot dog united together under one lid blended with Mayo & Ketchup Chicago Fry Sauce – Think of it as a zesty Big Mac sauce. Want to make the best burger period? Use this sauce. Some people call it special sauce, some call it yum yum sauce, others call it secrete sauce, we call it fry sauce. Ways to use Chicago Fry Sauce: • Top your favorite encased meat • Dip any fried concoction such as: fries, onion rings, pickles, mushrooms, tater tots, and cheese curds, etc. • Top your favorite pizza with some Chicago Fry Sauce • Make The Creamy Chicago Dressing by mixing 2 parts Fry Sauce with 1 part vinegar • Top your homemade burger, chicken sandwich, burrito, taco, or pulled pork • Top any egg dish to take breakfast to a whole new level