Beas Bees

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A perfect blend of story, facts, and humor, wrapped up in a message that encourages children to be socially active in their communities and to fight for their beliefs!

Beatrix discovers a wild bumblebee nest on her way home from school and finds herself drawn to their busy world. When her bees mysteriously disappear, Bea hatches a plan to bring them back. Follow along with Bea as she uses her school library to learn facts about bumblebees and why they are critical to the sustainability of our planet. Can Bea inspire her school and community to save the bees?

Bees provide us with valuable resources, and some types of bees are in danger of disappearing forever. But ordinary people (and kids!) can help save them. Filled with fascinating facts about bumblebees and ideas to help preserve their environment, Bea's Bees encourages kids to help protect bees and other pollinators.

• Includes flower identification guide to species that attract bees to create pollinator gardens
• Explains that bees are necessary to grow some of our favorite foods.
• Tips for kids on how to spread pollinator gardens with the help of others.